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Get Excited For The Kentucky Derby With The Best Finishes Of The 2000's (Bonus ... Me and Elio's Pick to Win It)

I am not in any way a monster informed Horse Racing guy. I can't tell you how to spot a winner, I don't follow the sport day in and day out. There's a famous clip of me calling a radio show and asking about Poll positions not Post position, only to be told "You are not a Hawse guy" 


Hey listen ... just because I am not the most knowledgable guy on the planet on the subject, doesn't mean I can't love it. I don't know how to play the piano but I can still go to a Billy Joel show. And let it be very clear ... I LOVE The Kentucky Derby, the most of the three big horse races (Preakness, Belmont) because it's a fantastic sports weekend. It always seems like this is truly the first nice weekend of the year, there's playoffs on, baseball on, and the most fastest 2 minutes in sports leading the way. LOVE THE DERBY. 

So with all that said ... here's my take on the Derby in the very little I know and have researched should you be inclined. 

I think there's a first time for everything, and while there has been a ton of talk about Japense horses not coming through in the derby... I'll take the bait this year. 

17- Derma Sotogake is this years winner. 

If playing an exacta box ... 

17, 11 (Disarm), 2- Verifying, and 5- Tapit Trice are all capable of winning. You have to play the 15 Forte in the box also.

and the long shots  to play underneath (2nd and 3rd)  in a trifecta box 

8- Mage and  13 Sun Thunder

If you want someone way more informed than me, check out the latest episode of Bosco and One with Elio the Ice Man. We talk about his time gambling with Dave, trips to the Derby, what to look for in horses, and have a ton of laughs. Give it a watch and find out who he picks to win it all.