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The Trailer For The HBO Max Bama Rush Documentary Is Out And It's Going To Be Absolute Scenes

Let me tell you something: this is going to be a must-watch. I will be parked in front of my TV on May 23 with popcorn and a Coca-Cola ready to watch this thing like I'm in a theater.

People have been talking about this documentary for a year. It was the hottest topic in the TikTok streets for weeks last summer when there were rumors of hidden cameras and microphones being embedded with girls rushing Alabama sororities. The sororities were checking girls for wires like they were dealing government secrets. I don't know if the doc actually includes any undercover footage or not, but it's going to be amazing either way.

Bama Rush TikTok has launched legitimate social media stars the last two years. There are girls with hundreds of thousands of followers for no other reason than documenting their rush experiences and going viral in the process. But it makes sense, because the stuff these girls do for a week to get into one sorority over another are legitimately insane.

I'm absolutely fired up. Bring me this documentary right now.