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All Those Rumors Were Bullshit (Duh), John Calipari Says He's Coaching Kentucky For Six More Years ... Now He Better Win

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Yeah, you're getting a Kentucky blog because it's a slow day. Deal with it. So Cal hops on the Dan Patrick Show and was shockingly close to honest. I say that because Cal is a salesman. You have to read between the lines with him a lot of times. What's real, what's he really trying to say and everything else. But this? This is him at least mentioning the truth.

The last couple years - most notably the NCAA Tournament - is not acceptable. No one with a brain says Kentucky needs to win the NCAA Tournament every year. Shit, it's almost impossible to go back-to-back these days. But losing to Saint fucking Peter's as the top 2-seed, blowing an Elite Eight game against Auburn and a Round of 32 game against Kansas State is not acceptable. Not when there hasn't been a trip to the Final Four since 2015 and disgusting losses since then. 

But speaking as a Kentucky fan there are two camps and a divide. Either you think Calipari needed to be fired a year ago OR you think Cal is fine. I lean towards the second part while saying he needs to be better. It's the ... wait for it ... logical take. Who out there is Kentucky getting that's better than Cal? Yes, it's Kentucky basketball and you can pry guys you don't expect, but you want Nate Oats? Muss hasn't made a Final Four. Brad Stevens is a joke of an answer. It's not exactly just saying yep that's the guy like Cal was when he was hired back in 2009. 

Now this just so happens to come out the same day as the Hunter Dickinson move to Kansas. Of course it does. Cal does this all for a reason. The NIL talk, for a reason. A little secret: Kentucky needs NIL help. It's not the same as other top programs in the country. That's just a fact. I also don't think Hunter Dickinson is the missing piece. I also say the same about Oscar, who is rumored to come back. Kentucky needs a Willie Cauley-Stein-esque player on this team. A big who is an elite defender and can rim run. They have scoring guards. No one is saying Hunter is a bad player, he's just not the final piece to Kentucky finally getting back to a Final Four. 

So Cal to this song and dance, but now it's time to adapt or die. Being a 2 seed is great. But you have to win in March. That's the only thing people care about.