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Ryan Whitney Defends His Edmonton Oilers And Gives +410 Winner For Tonight's Games

Once an Oiler always an Oiler Ryan Whitney jumped on Game Notes Daily to break down the Oilers' 6-4 loss to Vegas and give out some winners for tonight's games.

Grinnell and Army are on complete fire and gave us all some more winners, hope you enjoy!

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Whitney - Matthews Over 2.5 Points +410, Dallas 3-way -118

Army - Matthews Over 1.5 Points +123, Leafs -1.5 +135, Hintz PPP +155, Total PPG in Dallas/Sea Over 1.5 +150, Nylander anytime goal +125

Grinnell - Tavares anytime goal +133, Marner PPP +120

Migs - O'Reilly over .5 point -148, O'Reilly Over 1.5 points +370, Leafs 3-way -115

Murls - $EBR Rule #5 Team Loses game 1 hammer them game 2.   Leafs 3-way -115, Stars 3-way -118, Stars win series -109

Always Check the Game Notes and Everybody Rides!!!

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Instagram: murls_ebr