Carriage Green Country Club In Darien, IL Wants Everyone To Know That Jeffrey Epstein Did NOT Kill Himself

Got a little DM tip from a Chicagoland reader this morning about a Reddit thread detailing some (not very) subliminal messaging on a scorecard at a Chicagoland-local golf course: 

He had his reservations about the authenticity of the scorecard, so the guy decided to drive on down to Carriage on his way to work this morning and check out all the hubbub for himself: 

Alexa enhance 


It's real and it's spectacular! 

This is… odd, though. I dig it fully, but it's odd nonetheless. And no, I'm not talking about their insistence that Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself; everyone knows that there's no way he could have put himself 6' under under 24 hour video AND guard surveillance. Absolutely no shot. It was an inside job, plain and simple, probably orchestrated by a politician. Or a billionaire. Or a Cusack. Release the flight logs!!! 

What's odd is that they want you to buy bitcoin. Idk how real money works, let alone fake money, but Bitcoin is SooOOOooO 2020 I feel like. If you're trying to make some grandiose recommendation to your patrons, at least get with the times Carriage Green. Bitch about Bud Light or whatever the new flavor of the week is that the internet outrage mob is currently crying about.

Keep fighting the good fight on Epstein, though. Don't ever let that stop. 

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