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Ukrainian Farmers Are Using Up-Armored Tractors To Clear The Hundreds of Thousand Landmines Russia Deployed

Dominika Zarzycka. Shutterstock Images.

As previously reported, Russian forces have deployed enough landmines and unexploded ordnance to cover upwards of a third of Ukrainian territory.

After Russian forces had been driven back in parts of Ukraine, they left behind fields that are filled with a variety of mines and other unexploded ordnance. That makes it especially perilous for farmers to sow grain for the next harvest. According to The Wall Street Journal, which cited data from the Ukrainian government, around 30 percent of the fields even around Kyiv have or had mines that needed to be cleared.

Landmines are awful weapons that are indiscriminate in what they destroy, maim, or kill. Most civilized countries have banned their use because those weapons stay there forever until they are detonated by innocent people years or even decades later. Not to mention that landmines are banned under an international treaty.

While many countries have joined the treaty and taken steps to eliminate landmines, there are still areas around the world that are affected by landmines and other explosive remnants of war. The landmines can have devastating effects on civilians and limit access to essential resources such as food, water, and medical care. Awful. 

The treaty signed in 1999 also requires countries to destroy their existing stockpiles of anti-personnel mines and to clear mines from affected areas. Several countries haven't cleared out those inhumane weapons in violation of that treaty. For instance, one of the most known landmine hellscapes is on the border of North Korea and Korea. Each year, several people die trying to escape the hermit kingdom. Cambodia is has a major problem with landmines, especially in rural areas. After the civil war there in the 1980s, 40k people lost limbs in Cambodia. 

Put Charlie bit me right there because it was pretty heavy. 

Anyway, Putin, of course, ordered that these banned weapons be tossed all over Ukraine. Russia simply does not care who or what they kill; every time some farmers come up with ideas to stop the Russians from overtaking their country, I laugh. Sometimes it's the simplest answer that is still the answer.  

Ukrainians have used tractors to build trenches for modern trench warfare. They've used drones with explosives in order to drop right the bombs right inside the turret of tanks killing the entire crew inside. 

Every time you see shit like this, it reminds me of the Red Coats getting that ass waxed by some folks chillin in trees and doin the ole one shot/one kill method which is my personal fav. 

Once again: Russia is bad.