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Shout To This Echidna with Albinism Named Raffie

Huge Shoutout to this fella.

When I tell you that I would die for Raffie, I would die for Raffie. I saw him scrolling and I almost puked from the cuteness. My guy is just cruising through the forest- scooping up the field mice and bopping them on the head ala longtime stoolie Little Bunny FooFoo who was (rip to the legend) known to bitty boppity through the forest ala Raffie. 

I dont really have much to blog about for ole Raffie but I just wanted yall to see this little pile of joy. I think the rare pigmentation of Raffie is really something to behold. We simply do not see this among echidna. If we did, we wouldn't be chatting about it. I was going to explain the echidna and its characteristics but there is no need because you all already know that an Echidna is a spiny mammal native to Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea. They are also known as spiny anteaters due to their long, sticky tongues that they use to feed on ants and termites and probably lick their testicles or vagina. Impossible to be sure but they for sure suck their own dicks and whatnot (lick their vaginas). Not saying at the same time just to be clear. 

Anyway, enjoy the picture of that echidna. If you've seen it already, I apologize for wasting your time. 

Good day.