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Brutal: Leeds Fired Manager Javi Garcia By Calling Him On His Birthday

[Source] - “It was my birthday, May 1,” he smiles wryly, speaking to The Athletic in his first media interview since losing his job. “It was a phone call.”

The discussion was not a debate. The Leeds board had sealed its verdict. “It was a call to explain the situation. It was all handled correctly by the club. I have to accept the decision from the club’s owner and that’s it.”

No matter the sport, the entire business is cut-throat. They don't care about feelings or anything like that. Monday is just another day of the week. But this? This is brutal. Getting fired on your birthday with a phone call is brutal. I know he says Leeds handled it all correctly, but come on. You don't want that to happen via a phone call on your birthday.

Then again, maybe it is better than being brought into the office. You have to put on pants and stuff and drive there just to be told you suck. And it's not like he was there for long. He was there for 12 matches after replacing Jesse Marsch. You know Leeds didn't give one single shit about firing him to bring in Big Sam. 

Leeds is doing anything possible to avoid relegation, but firing a dude on his birthday is brutal. Like I said, I don't blame them. They are in the business of sport, they don't care about birthdays. But that's a call you don't forget. I don't care what you say, you don't forget being fired on your 53rd birthday.