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Superstar Model Shocks Host When She FLASHES Him Her Heart-Shaped Nipples

Now this was an all-time episode of Only Stans. Duo episodes are ALWAYS fun & we had an All-Star duo join us in Viking Barbie & Toochi Kash while both of them absolutely lit up the room. There's no debate Viking Barbie was one of the most naturally funny guests we've ever had & Toochi was just phenomenal throughout, not to mention the legitimate shock when you see a real-life heart shaped nipple is always quite interesting since...that's new. 

Give the episode a watch and PLEASE for the love of God if you don't mind hit the subscribe button on our brand new Youtube Channel. Would mean the world to me. Going forward we'll be posting every episode there along with fun out of office content we've been filming with a few guests when they come in for the show. Thank you guys!!! Stay safe on this Friday Jr.