Wander Franco Just Pulled The COCKIEST Move Ever On The Baseball Field

TALK ABOUT A HOT DOG!!! What a move here. As the resident crotchety sportsmanship advocate of this company so much of me wants to rip this guy for this move, but the other half almost has to tip my cap. Do you realize how cocky you have to be to pull this off ? Do you realize that if at any point it goes wrong you will get CRUCIFIED in the dugout by your teammates, by the manager, by the fans, by the grumpy beat writers, by the old guard miserable no fun baseball writers , and by the internet ? There is no wiggle room. It HAS TO go perfect. HAS TO. Lucky for Franco it did. 

All time cocky move. Not since the alleged Babe Ruth calling his shot on a home run has a move been this cocky. This was like the guy throwing out a slow guy at first on a base hit from the outfield. You better have the cannon to get it there if you're gonna pull off a cocky move like that. 

The part I don't think Franco calculated here is he will likely catch a fastball in the ear his next time up . In fact if The Pirates have any self respect they will drill him. Like laying down a bunt in a no hitter, or taking an extra base up a million runs, "unwritten rules" on a baseball field get taken very seriously, and while "flipping the ball to yourself on a ground ball" may not have been etched in stone as an "unwritten rule" before, you can bet your ass it just got added to the list.