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The Oakland A's Are Now Offering A Summer Pass With Tickets To THIRTY-SEVEN Games For $99

I can't imagine there's a job in sports right now worse than being in the Oakland A's marketing department. To their credit, though, the folks in the A's front office are still trying whatever they can to get people into the worst ballpark in baseball to watch the worst team in baseball that is now waiting to leave town.

Their latest venture is a 37-game ticket package for $99, a price most teams are getting for one decent ticket to a Friday night game.

I'm being dead serious: if the A's are charging $2.67 a pop to get into the ballpark just to technically sell tickets to 37 different games, they should just start letting people in for free. Charge for the sections between the dugouts and if you want to sit anywhere else in the ballpark, you can show up and walk in. At least then you'd get some revenue from concessions and have some shots of the Coliseum that don't make you squint to see if there's actually a game going on or if it's just the empty stadium.

You know how your favorite team does Bark in the Park once a year? Yeah, that's every Tuesday in Oakland now, too. These poor guys are begging literally any sentient being to come to their games. Tough scenes.

If anyone buys this pass and actually attends 37 A's games this summer, they should receive a ring. Not a World Series ring, because the A's aren't coming close to one of those any time soon, but a cool "I Saw The Worst Team Ever 37 Times" ring.