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McDonalds In Lousiville Got That Ass Spanked After Regulators Found Out Crazy Young Children Were Working There UNPAID

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two 10-year-old children were found working unpaid at a McDonald's restaurant in Louisville, the U.S. Department of Labor said.

According to a news release, investigators from the department's Wage and Hour Division found two 10-year-old workers at a McDonald's. Three Kentucky McDonald's franchise operators violated federal labor laws.

Bauer Food LLC, Archways Richwood LLC and Bell Restaurant Group I LLC, which are three separate franchisees that operates 62 McDonald's locations in Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland and Ohio, employed 305 children to work more than the legally permitted hours, according to an investigation. 

“Too often, employers fail to follow the child labor laws that protect young workers,” said Wage and Hour Division District Director Karen Garnett-Civils in Louisville, Kentucky. “Under no circumstances should there ever be a 10-year-old child working in a fast-food kitchen around hot grills, ovens and deep fryers.”

First of all, I understand that labor in this current market is tough to come by. You can tell by the dollar signs on nearly every single fast food place across the nation. Mcdonald's and places like that are offering 15, 17, and 20 dollars an hour for jobs that used to pay 10-12 bucks. Places aren't doing that out of the goodness of their heart. They are all doing it because people don't want to get disrespected, work in hot ass kitchens, or have unsteady hours without benefits for the most part. 

That being said, can't hate the game. You can certainly hate the player but the game is good. You see a couple of dumb ass kids getting fountain drinks juice all over the station and then filling cup lids with ketchup from that lemonade spout thing that they have. Some people hate those but I love them. I hate ripping open 30 ketchup packages for a simple dollop. No thank you. Give me the keg of ketchup every single time UNLESS it's being filled by an unknowing, unpaid 10-year-old. 

People dont want those jobs right now so they got kids doing that shit for free. WHEW. I've been burned by grease just a touch before and let me just say that the experience was not good. A ten-year-old couldn't take that pain that I bravely navigated. 

Have you ever been around 4th graders? They aren't exactly the most careful bunch so youre bound to have a ton of ruined fish filets without tartar sauce but with ketchup. Again, from the spout thing. 

Additionally, things are ridiculously hard for parents across the globe. You gotta get your kid an education but you also gotta live and eat. Tough. Very tough situation to be in but free labor doesn't pay the bills unless you are a franchise owner. 

That being said, I think we all would understand more, not completely but more, if kids were working like in the olden days to put happy meals on the table. But that's not what's happening here. These kids are getting participation trophies for work. We all know that participation trophies are wonderful and useful in society and I don't think anyone would disagree with that but work shouldn't be that way. If you work, you should get paid. Some would even say that you are entitled to pay. I wouldnt. Entitled ass kids smh. 


Anyway, the next time you go to Mcdonald's, ask to see a pay stub from the 10-year-old working the counter while also giving them a 10-dollar bill so you can see if they know how to make the correct change. No chance they do. Lazy ass kids spending too much time at McDonalds goofin around instead of learning the ole reading, writing, and arithmetic.