WATCH: 400 lb Fighters, Dwarfs, West Virginia Rednecks, And Badass Chicks Are Invading RNR21

Matchup videos are rolling out for Rough N' Rowdy 21 and just based off this first batch alone, it's GUARANTEED to be another highly entertaining Friday night of pure demented chaos. We've got all shapes, sizes, skill levels, genders coming to brawl on May 12th along with the most (0-0) hillbillies we've had in a few shows. 

There's still 2 title fights (Lightweight + Women's Lightweight) and a few #1 contender matchups but overall it's maybe our most balanced fight card ever. For anyone asking where LIGHTS OUT LAING vs MAKE IT HAPPEN is well, that rematch is being held for the August PPV since we'll FINALLY be able to do 5 round main events. Gonna be an absolutely beautiful shitshow.

But for this show we're riding variety in a big way and bringing back some fighters that deserve a shot at redemption. Specifically talking about the big boys, PAPA RAZZI vs MURDER MITTS who are both (0-1) in RNR but still fought like absolute warrior poets. Left absolutely NOTHING in the tank and for that, we salute you gladiators.


But if PEAK MALE PERFORMANCE isn't your speed maybe the return of HEARTBREAKER could interest you? Winner of his fight will go on to face the BMFD champ DYNAMITE in August...

And HEARTBREAKER's sister BEAUTIFUL BOBBIE JO will also be making her return to the ring…

Along with RNR's #1 badass chick VICIOUS VICKY D defending her lightweight belt…


And we'll have our first ever LOSER RETIRES main event with THE NINJA defending his lightweight belt against SHIZZAT DA RIZZAT

If your blood doesn't start pumping a little harder watching those brawls then we don't know what to tell you. Simply put the 3 hours of madness coming next Friday night can't be missed and it will certainly deliver entertainment like you've never seen before. Whole commentary team of Dave Portnoy, Big Cat, Robbie Fox, Caleb, Rone, Large will be back along with Jersey Jerry + Frank The Tank ringside. 

Follow @RoughNRowdy on all platforms for more matchup updates and get ready to witness HISTORY on May 12th. 

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