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Stanley Cup Champion Erik Cole Joins The Game Notes Daily Crew To Preview The Canes/Devils Series

Game Notes had a monster episode today and usually whenever The Whit is on he's the headliner, but today we were joined by 13-year NHL veteran and 2005-2006 Stanley Cup Champion Erik Cole and he stole the show.

Yes, the same Erik Cole featured in Sandbagger 15!

Our Chiclets Vegas Insider Migs was on to tell us all things Golden Knights as well. Not sure what's up with the clock in his office, but he and Whit gave us all we need to know to bet on the big game in the desert tonight.

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Army - Canes/Over 5.5 Parlay +280, Stall Over .5 point +155, Bouchard PPP +120, Oilers/Over 6.5 Parlay +235

Grinnell - Stephenson Anytime Goal +280

Whit - Over 5.5 Jersey/Canes +114, Bouchard PPP +120, Stone Under .5 Point +138

Migs - Vegas Money Line +100, Reilly Anytime Goal +205, Vegas wins Series +130

Colesy - Burns PPP +225

Murls - Canes Money Line -118, Over 6.5 Oilers/Vegas -114, Barstool Boost - 1 Game goes to OT +160

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