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Two Tourists Drove Directly Into A Harbor While Following Their GPS And I Don't Think I Can Totally Blame Them

Look, do I want to laugh and shame these people for driving into a harbor because their GPS told them to now that we know they got our safely? Of course! I want to point my finger at them, unleash a Portnoy level belly laughed usually reserved for when someone's team loses in heartbreaking fashion, and call out these people for pulling a Michael Scott.

But the fact of the matter is I know that I, much like many people, am an idiot that relies on technology wayyyyyy too much. There's a reason why we are pretty much live blogging mankind's demise with the constant upgrades in AI and that's because these computer nerds continue to build all this artificial intelligence because we want computers to do all the heavy lifting, medium lifting, and even light lifting in life, as South Park perfectly parodied recently.

I also know that whenever I choose not to listen to my GPS whose entire existence is to make my trip as quick and painless as possible, I end up completely bamboozling myself into waiting in traffic or some other misfortune more often than not. So while I'd like to think that I'd have the common sense to not drive into a body of water, I also know without a shred of a doubt that I am a fucking idiot. So I wouldn't put it past my dumb ass.

P.S. Speaking of AI, if you don't think that the robots are going to weaponize the shit out of every GPS that will having us drive into harbors, off of cliffs, and into other cars in order to thin the herd in the inevitable Man vs. Machines war, you haven't watched enough movies about AI.