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6'8" 374 lbs. Browns Rookie Dawand Jones Told NFL Teams In Meetings That He Didn't Want To Play In The NFL And His Dream Was To Play In The NBA

Jose. Shutterstock Images.

Ohio State Offensive Tackle Dawand Jones is a big man. At the Combine he clocked in at 6'8" 374 lbs. He was projected to go somewhere between the 1st and 2nd round, but he curiously fell to the 4th Round where the Browns picked him with the 111th pick overall.

Jones' massive frame made him a problem for opposing Defensive Ends and Linebackers. He didn't allow a single sack this season, but in the off-season circuit in prep for the Draft, prospects meet with teams in a job interview of sorts. During those sessions, the prospects will be peppered with questions and Jones reportedly had a brutal showing in those meetings.

"Fourth-rounder Dawand Jones’s predraft process went as sideways as possible (constant weight questions, handling of the Senior Bowl and pro day, telling teams his dream was to play in the NBA, not the NFL)" - Sports Illustrated/Albert Breer

Now Jones can hoop a little bit. 

He's more than just a dunker too. He reminds me of a modern day Escalade (R.I.P.)

But what an absolute DUMMY move to tell this to your future employer, even if you do believe it. At 374 lbs., he would be the 2nd heaviest player of all-time. Remarkably, Oliver "Pig" Miller was basically the same size as Jones at 6'9" 375 lbs. But in today's NBA of constant pick & rolls and hunting the team's worst player, a player like this could not exist in the modern game.