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'The Boys' Antony Starr Says Season 4 Includes "The Most Bizarre Thing I've Ever Done" Which Sounds Unsettling And Exciting Based On What We've Seen So Far

Usually when a show says something like this it's just a nothing burger to hype up a new season, but when Antony Starr hypes up a season of 'The Boys' like this we're forced to pay attention based on their track record. 

Three seasons in and we're talking about one of the more entertaining things going right now. So far nothing has jumped the shark, the writing has maintained its level since the very first scene, and the characters remain born for their respective roles. Even the new characters that come on fit seamlessly into the storyline without missing a beat. The word "perfect" gets tossed around recklessly, but The Boys truly is...

So when Antony Starr says the most bizarre thing he's ever done is in this upcoming season I'm forced to believe him. But what does that even mean? Let's recap quickly some crazy shit we've seen 

For starters in the very first scene of the show Hughie's girlfriend turns into a giant splatter of blood after A-Train sprints through her. 

There's that scene where Homelander and Homelander have their moment

Or anytime Homelander has an interaction with milk. 

It's fucking weird

How about that tiny dude crawling into the other guy's penis scene. Bad time to sneeze. One of the more jarring scenes these eyes have ever been bestowed upon. 

Or anytime the Deep finds himself making love to a sea creature

The whale scene is awesome

And the number one most jarring, unsettling scene that really showed me this show was different. The plane scene. I go back and watch this like once ever few months and it always amazes me. 

Full disclosure I do think Herogasm was a bit more tame than it was led on to be, but that doesn't take away from how batshit crazy the show's writers are. Eric Kripke is a lunatic. Comedy, action, gore, parody, more gore, and all the curse words you can think of. I love every part of this show and hope it never changes. 

I don't know how long this current writers' strike is expected to be, but thankfully Starr confirmed they wrapped Season 4 production last month. 

The last time there was a writer's strike a ton of shows' quality took a hit. Don't mess with 'The Boys' and we won't have problems. Bring on Season 4 hopefully later this year.