Draymond Green Had No Issue With Jordan Poole's Controversial 3 Last Night, But Do We Believe Him?

I weirdly agree with Draymond here, but before we get into that let's get something straight —the Warriors didn't lose because of that shot. AD was unstoppable and the Warriors fouled way too much. Free throws attempted were 29-6 in favor of LA and it wasn't like the refs were one-sided. Green even admitted postgame that the fouls doomed them. 

I know in the back of Green's head he wishes Steph was the one who shot the ball, but Jordan Poole was 6-10 from three that game and has made that shot plenty of times before. The Lakers doubled Steph, and rightfully so, leaving Jordan Poole open. Sure it might have been a little far, but the internet just gets so mad right away and ignore how the game was actually going. In today's NBA that's a pretty good look down 3 with less than 15 seconds to go. 

Real quick about this Lakers team. The scary part is how they don't really rely on LeBron. He doesn't have to be the best player on the court to win these games. You see him off-ball more than ever. Teams used to live and die by Lebron, but this Lakers team has weapons even beyond Anthony Davis. People seem to forget AD is a top 5 player in the NBA when he is healthy and showed that yesterday. I guess that's because he's never on the floor, but look at what he did last night. The Lakers are by far the deeper team here and it only feels like Dubs have a chance to win if Curry just goes bonkers. The Warriors had 15 more made threes than the Lakers and lost. The Lakers will win the championship this year.