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Let The Bidding War Begin: Messi Is Leaving PSG After This Season ... 1 Day After The Club Decided To Suspend Him For 2 Weeks

To quote our pal Fabrizio up there ... and here we go. I say he's the ultimate free agent because it seems like there are 3 likely destinations in play here. Saudi Arabia, MLS or back to Barcelona. Mind you this is being reported one day after the club suspended him for 2 weeks. 

All 3 destinations have been linked in some capacity: 

I know he wasn't super successful at PSG, but he's still Messi. I mean we all remember the World Cup right? That guy is pretty good! I'd like him on any of my teams right this second. And by teams, I mean Spurs and FC Cincinnati. Not exactly claiming a lot here, but I'd take him! I can't have him go to Saudi Arabia. It'd be a disaster. Fuck that league. Plus, Ronaldo is already apparently trying to find his way out: 


I know turning down $438 million is a preposterous thing to say out loud, some would even say stupid. But this is about what I want to see. I don't want to see Messi in Saudi Arabia. At least the MLS is a better league, he'll be on TV and I can see him in person. 

It's not lost on me this decision happened a month ago but didn't come out until now. That's just mental warfare by everyone involved here. Oh you're suspending me 2 weeks because I just so happened to go to Saudi Arabia on an unauthorized trip? Announce I'm leaving. Bam. I'm sure PSG will be fine. Even if they lose their big names in Neymar, Mbappe and Messi. It's still PSG. They'll just go get more big names. 

But for now let the bidding war begin. Messi is a free agent.