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Patrick Bet-David Has Offered Tucker Carlson 100 MILLION DOLLARS To Join His Media Company Valuetainment

One-hundred fucking million dollars from an internet company? In this economy?!?! I am generally aware of Patrick Bet-David, which is to say various algorithms feed me clips of his show. I know that his show is huge with the 4.1M subscribers on youtube and god knows how many on the podcast app and spotify, but JESUS...is he making so much money on that show that he can afford to give Tucker Carlson $20M per year for 5 years?!? Does PBD think Tucker is like Alex Cooper or something?

I work in the internet media space obviously. Been trying to understand how this business works for like 5 years. Still can't really figure it out. Buzzfeed and Vice were giants. Now they're dead. TV stations are dead as soon as their fees from cable bundles dry up with the move to streaming. Tucker, the apparent $100M man, was just caught on a leak saying that nobody watches him on the Fox News streaming platform. 


Amazing move by Tucker. Get fired after Fox News got sued to Bolivia and the come out the other side with $100M offer on the table. Pretty nice little forced vacation for Tucker while his lawyers negotiate his exit from Fox. I personally find Tucker annoying, but not evil the way many categorize him. It's just stunning to me that the little dink with a bowtie on CNN from like 15 years ago or whatever has become one of the more powerful and now sought after people in news media. 

It is crazy to me how much the media landscape has changed. People DESPISE and distrust cable news and legacy media. People are flocking to long form media while platforms are also pushing short form content like reels and tiktok. Vice and Buzzfeed are dead, the NYT isn't. Impossible to know where to pivot or put content. So I am putting our show from yesterday here. 

Always appreciate you guys listening. Subscribers approaching 65k on the back of WSD arguing that spilling half of his beer is actually a good pour.