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Nothing Gets The Boys Going Quite Like Ripping A Few Mustard Shots On The Bench

Mustard is constantly one of the most disrespected condiments in the game. It's continuously stuck in the shadow of ketchup. But honestly, I feel like mustard is the superior condiment here. I mean aside from potato products, I can't think of anything else where ketchup is better on its own than mustard. 

Hot dogs? Mustard. Chicken tenders? Honey mustard. Soft pretzels? Spicy mustard. Pastrami? A whole grain dijon. You can make a garlic mustard sauce that pairs perfectly with a steak. You put ketchup on a steak and you deserve to get your ass whooped. 

The fact of the matter here is that unless you're eating tater tots, there's nothing that ketchup has the advantage over mustard in. So it's absurd that it's stuck in ketchup's shadow. It's more complex. A little more tangy, a little more spicy, it just brings so much more to the table. The only reason why you wouldn't like mustard more than ketchup is just if you're a little baby whose palate hasn't developed enough to appreciate it's beauty. 

Which is exactly what would lead someone to make this face when ripping a shot of it on the bench during the QMJHL semifinals. 

That right there is Zachary L'Heureux. He's a 2021 1st round draft pick for the Nashville Predators. He had a strong season this year putting up 21 points and 21 assists in 33 games. But he's still a prospect for a reason. And that's because he needs to develop his game, and his tastebuds a little more before he's ready to make the jump to the NHL. Once he can chug a whole body of spicy brown mustard, he'll be ready to play top 6 minutes in the show.