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Put These Fans Who Show Up Every Night Strictly To Root Against The Toronto Maple Leafs In The Running For The Conn Smythe Trophy

The Florida Panthers were on the brink of elimination. Down 3-1 in their series to Boston. Fought and clawed back to take that series to a game 7. They were losing with 59 seconds to go in regulation. Tied the game, won in overtime, and now? Well last night they walked into Toronto last night and took game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals by a score of 4-2. Brandon Montour continues to be one of the most clutch defensemen in the playoffs. Matthew Tkachuk was his typical menacing self all night. It was a great night to be a Florida Panthers fan. 

And the video above would lead you to believe that father/daughter combo enjoyed making the trip to Canada from Florida to witness the action in person. The only thing is...well...I'm not even sure if these are actually Panthers fans that we're taking a vibe check on. 

Because they were in Scotiabank Arena for the first round series against Tampa. And they sure as shit didn't look like Panthers fans then. 

Okay so maybe they're just fans of teams from Florida. Seems a little strange, but certainly plausible. I mean that has to be the answer here, right?


This dude was at the Arizona vs Toronto game on March 10, 2022 clearly decked out in Coyotes gear. 

This fucking guy. This fucking hero. He's not a fan of any hockey team. He is just a die-hard hater of one. This man hates the Toronto Maple Leafs more than anybody else in the world loves their favorite team. He hates the Leafs so much that he apparently is a season ticket holder in Toronto. Meaning not only does he spend the money to go to all the games, but he also has to spend the money to buy jerseys for 31 different teams around the league. That is passion. That is dedication. That is pure hatred. 

I love this guy. If we're talking about who is impacting these playoffs the most right now I think you have to go Leon Draisaitl, Matthew Tkachuk, potentially Joe Pavelski after last night, and then this dude who shows up every night just to be the biggest Leafs hater he can possibly be. I'm not saying he's a lock to win the Conn Smythe right now. But I'd at least throw a little sprinkle on those odds. 

P.S. -- All hail the Rat King