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A Couple Dudes Started Crap With The Wrong Guys On The Golf Course And Found Out The Hard Way That They Are Former MMA Fighters

Well this here is just bad luck. No one expects a couple of normal looking bros wearing golf polos to be trained assassins. When tempers flare on a golf course the scariest thing you normally imagine might happen is the threat of a lawsuit from a lawyer or a lawyer's douchey son. 

What you definitely don't expect is for one guy to break out flawless take down defense in golf khakis...


At the same time another guy easily drops a dude with a left, then slips a right hook from another guy, dumps him on the ground, and proceeds to ask him, "you wanna go down too?! Stay down, you're gonna get fucked up…" while he peppers him with blows to the face.

Just brutal luck for the guys on the receiving end of this beating. 

And all this is AFTER whatever happened to the guy in the red who is just laid the fuck out the entire video. Someone slept that boy like he was Alex Pereira. The only thing missing was one of them standing over his lifeless body giving him imaginary archery shots right before he taunted the dude's son.

Apparently there is a little context to go with this fight although I'm not sure it really does anyone any favors. Sounds like a stupid ass dispute that got out of hand because everyone was 11 light beers deep.


Like everything the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. The kids were probably on the course, the golf guys probably were assholes about it, the dudes in the house probably thought they were tough, and did not realize they were about to start some shit with American Top Team: Golf Edition. 

The real lesson to be learned here is that you cant just go messing with anybody these days. There is an MMA gym in every single town in America now and you don't want to fuck with the wrong guy. You never know who might strangle you with your own winter jacket.