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The Knicks Win A Nut Check Game 2 And That's All I Have To Say About That

Look, that wasn't pretty or particularly fun. Okay to be honest, by the end I was having flashback of the Knicks worst moments from the 90s in a game that was about as fun as a trip to the dentist. But the Knicks just won a 2nd round playoff game for the first time in a decade, so I'm not going to apologize for any bonehead decisions or missed calls that may have happened in crunch time. It's never been easy for the New York Knickerbockers and I'm starting to think after 30+ years rooting for this team, it never will be easy.

But again, all that matters is they got the win tonight. I would feel a lot better about the rest of the series if the Knicks coasted to a win with the Heat missing their playoff legend along with two rotational players. But the Heat did what they've been doing since Pat The Rat left New York in the 90s, which is coach their asses off and milk every ounce of talent out of their mish mash of players that went undrafted, are damn near washed, along with the occasional stud (Gabe Vincent is Gen Z Voshon Leonard and I will not hear any different).

Back to the Knicks, shout out to the lefties and Josh Hart for carrying the team on their backs like Greg Jennings tonight. RJ showed up yet again, Brunson bounced back like he promised he would, and I'm choosing to believe that Julius Randle is someone that will only get better as the playoffs go on. Oh yeah and Isaiah Hartenstein came up clutch by making every hustle play along with Josh Hart.

I'm not sure when the rest of the bench will show up or how the Knicks will break this Heat zone. But I imagine Thibs is going to spend the next 72 hours grinding tape in a windowless room to fix all that, which is good because I know Spo is going to have every answer for what worked for us tonight and may have Playoff Jimmy in full Destroy Mode. 

We'll worry about Saturday tomorrow though. Tonight we celebrate another tough fought victory in May before we gear up as the Knicks take their talents to South Beach.