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Idea For SNL: Since They Cancelled The Show Due To The Writers' Strike, Do An All-Improvised Episode


So if you haven't heard, the Writers Guild of America are on strike because they want more money and what have you. Side note: I think it's very funny when people go on strike and actually get signs and march around in circles doing chants. Grown ass adults going "1-2-3-4 we don't want to write no more!" makes me laugh. It reminds me of like, 1903 when they would protest against not being shot in the head if they didn't work 90 hours a week at the steel mills for 3 cents an hour. 

But I digress, this writers strike thing really fucked over our favorite TV shows and movies 16 years ago and if they don't figure it out again soon, it will happen again. Basically you'll get more seasons like season 2 of Friday Night Lights where Landry kills a motherfucker for no reason and then they pretend it never happened. Which to be fair, is sort of a hilarious part of an otherwise amazing show, so in a twisted way I'm glad it happened. I wish there was a line in season 5 like "remember when Landry killed someone? That was wild." but they never mentioned it again.

I say all that to get to my main point (I love blogging at night, I feel more free)- SNL in theory has a collection of some of the funniest people in the world, right? That's what SNL has always prided themselves on, the most talented group of comedians out there. So, my idea for them is simple- do an all improvised show. Prove that you're funny. All you hear about SNL these days is how incredibly unfunny it is. And I used to think that was a tired, overused cliche, but SNL kindaaaaa sorta sucks. And I mostly blame the casting. They have a bunch of baristas from Brooklyn- who couldn't sell out an open mic night- on the main cast. And from what rumors get around, a lot of the actual funny writers and sketches get rejected for god knows what reason- write more wacky Trump sketches! This is the show that had Tim Robinson on the writing crew and didn't air any of his stuff- how can you be more out of touch than that?

So SNL can easily prove themselves this Saturday by improvising a show, "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" style. You have an audience, shit, bring in Drew Carey to host, and prove to everyone that this cast is actually funny and can make people laugh. Plus, it would provide a lot of buzz for the show. 

I don't want to hear about crossing picket lines and blah blah blah. This is the perfect opportunity. I think if they don't do it, everyone who says "SNL isn't funny anymore" is proven right. Your move, Lorne.