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The Hunter Dickinson Transfer Portal Recruitment Saga Has Reached Peak Craziness...But He Still Has Not Made His Decision Yet



So college basketball reporters are the biggest losers in the entire world and try and use players for their own gain but when someone else does something similar they start calling you names and get all upset. Hunter has kept his decision and his feelings on schools close to the chest because this is a big move for his career and his life so I am not fucking with it. We have not planned a big announcement or anything, we get on the podcast and start talking and you never know what he wants to do and that is how we operate. 

But it's gotten insane the number of rumors flying around. Yesterday Hunter was tied to 4 different schools according to people on Twitter. Do not listen to anyone else but Hunter because everyone thinks they have a source but the announcement will be coming soon and it will be on the Barstool Twitter. 

Don't listen to the biggest loser in college basketball Jeff Goodbum because all of these guys just want to be in the know. Just let these kids do whatever they want, as reporters stop trying to control everyone and think you deserve the scoop. It is a new age and nobody gives a fuck about your media outlets. I have seen a reporter from every single school that he has talked to say that he is committing to their school. I can promise you one thing the decision will be soon and there will be no more announcements about announcing.