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The Big 12 Is Exploring Playing Football And Basketball Games In Mexico For Some Reason

Because the people decrying neutral site football and basketball games in America apparently weren't loud enough, the Big 12 reportedly wants to play games in Mexico now, too.

It seems like the goal now is to get to a point in 25 years or so when there aren't even on-campus games anymore and teams just travel around the country — or other countries — every week playing neutral site games in half-empty pro stadiums. If it gets you one extra check, after all, you gotta do it.

I wonder if anyone has told a single decision maker in collegiate athletics that we don't want them to be like professional sports. Those already exist. The very thing that sets college football and basketball apart from their pro counterparts are the pageantry and atmosphere that surround the games. Thirteen college football teams play in stadiums larger than the biggest NFL stadium. The best NFL atmosphere in any given season is topped weekly in seven or eight college towns. That's why we love college football.

Looking forward to the big matchup between now-conference foes Kansas and Houston on the hardwood next season? Better get your plane tickets to Mexico City if you want to see that one. I'm sure the arena will be just as lively as Phog Allen Fieldhouse, though.

Just stop all this nonsense. Nobody asked for this. Play games on campus.