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Nothing To See Here: PSG Suspended Messi For 2 Weeks After He Took An Unauthorized Trip To Saudi Arabia (Wink, Wink)

This has been a long time coming - no not the Saudi Arabia part - but rather the PSG/Messi divorce. It ain't going well. He's out here getting booed. PSG isn't winning like they typically do. He wants to be anywhere else. Yes, unfortunately, that includes possibly Saudi Arabia: 

I said it before, but I can't have Messi go to Saudi Arabia. Not after all the shit talking we did to Ronaldo. Can't have him go there, even to rub it in Ronaldo's face that he's getting paid double. Not even for the Saudis to bring Messi in to try and save the league that Ronaldo can't win in. Just let him go back home: 

Actually, fuck that. Come to the MLS. We know Argentina is already working on building something in Miami: 

Yeah the MLS ain't great, but it's better than Saudi Arabia. We already saw Messi in Barcelona. Just come play for Miami and dominate the MLS. It's a better league than it used to be! I promise that. But don't go to Saudi Arabia. 

Honestly respect Messi for not giving a fuck. We've heard about silent quitting, Messi is doing that just not so silent. He just isn't showing up. Straight up leaving to go visit Saudi Arabia, which could be anything. Enjoy the time off, Messi. Go visit a couple other places.