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After Reading Clem's Blog On How I Met Your Mother I Feel It's My Duty To Tell You About The Only Flaw In One Of My Favorite Movies, "Good Will Hunting"

Very good blog by Clem, on a very good snake draft of fictional bars and restaurants. I thought Clem won the draft going away. Off of that draft Clem brought up that one of his favorite shows has a really bad finale, like historically bad, and a pretty shitty final season. It shows how honest a guy Clem is that even though it was one of his favorite shows he has to acknowledge it's flaws. Some people will double down and defend the stuff they like blindly without admitting any of the problems. I always respect people who are honest about the stuff they like, gives them credibilitty.

With that in mind, I have to admit one of or maybe the only flaw of my favorite movie. Good Will Hunting. 

If you haven't seen the movie . .go watch it. Really well done, loaded cast, and something Matt Damon and Ben Affleck literally poured their life into getting made, and was a roller coaster of ups and downs of falling apart 5-600 different times during the process. To me that makes it that much more enjoyable. Yes the two would go on to become megastars, but this was like seeing their rookie season. They were an underdog story at the time. 

Anyway, there's a scene in the movie when Skylar leaves Will for California. The way the scene is laid out is okay, not terrific but just okay. Here it is if you need a refresher. 

Will sitting on the park bench just staring into the abyss is rather unremarkable if we're being frank. Now part of the reason Will sitting on the bench is forgettable is because it precedes maybe the best scene in the movie. Chuckie's speech to Will about their futures together. 

The speech scene dwarfs Will on the bench. The speech could dwarf almost anything, especially the way him just sitting on the bench is ultra boring. The speech was so good that it never really bothered me about the park bench … UNTIL 


I learned about the alternate version/deleted scene of that part of the movie. I don't think it was on the DVD as I stumbled upon it years later on Youtube. It's remarkable. 


The call back to the Pudge Fisk card is so much better. Also it shows you a glimpse into why Will ends up leaving at the end of the movie to be with her in California. He realizes how important the professors story was about not regretting missing Game 6 to meet his wife, he learns sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone, and he learns that Skylar really loves him. It ties the entire movie together. Using the card is so genius it makes me wonder how on earth they could have chosen not to use it. I am really baffled as to why they didn't use this version. I wish I never saw this version because now it drives me insane that they didn't use it. And the use of the Pudge card in a scene leading into the speech by Chuckie … that might be the best stretch in any movie ever. Insane that it wasn't used. 

I had to alert the people that this really is a flaw in the movie. I wish I didn't know about it, but it really is a massive flaw when you consider it. A scene that ties the entire movie together and is way better than Will sitting on the bench wasn't used. It's a bad miss, and makes me upset because if they used the correct version like they should have it would be a flawless movie. Literally flawless. Such a stupid move.