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The Expanded College Football Playoff Schedule Is Out And It's Orgasmic

I know it's crazy to get excited about things more than a year away, but man is the CFP schedule awesome. There's always a little worry when these things come out that they could get screwed up. Obviously everyone wanted College Football to expand it's playoff system and doing so will make it so much more fun. It's going to be terrific. However, you did have to worry they would get it right. Yes more games is better, but we also want a good schedule and they nailed it in my opinion. 

First off, breaking up the playoff format to 4 weekends like the NFL is a very very smart idea. It's exactly what you want. The years when they teams had a month layoff were stupid. Get the playoff games rolling right away like they do in the NFL. That's key. 

Another great thing is piggybacking the semifinals onto NFL WildCard weekend. Do you realize that we will have CFP semifinals on Thursday and Friday night , then have Wildcard weekend Saturday and Sunday. I NEVER hope it snows, but I would pray for a BLIZZARD that weekend. Stock up on food and high noons and don't leave the house for 4 days. As long as the power, the couch works, and the toilet works I'm good. Unreal move to make this an all time sports weekend. 

They also get bonus points for keeping New Years Eve and New Years Day in the rotation of Quarterfinals games. New Years Day is sacred for College Football, and we should always have playoff games that day. Originally New Years Eve caught shit for that being the day of the CFP, but I love them on that night. As a washed up 35 year old who doesn't go out on New Years Eve, and even if he does get dragged out to a house party. Having the games on is the perfect setup. Let me say hello to who I have to, and then if youy need me I'll be planted on the couch watching the games. If someone's husband or boyfriend knows ball ... I just made a new friend. Beautiful. 

Finally, keeping the title game on a Monday night is great. Just like the NCAA Basketball championship , a Monday night is the perfect setup. Now it's on Martin Luther King Day, so you have the whole day off to research bets and be excited for it. Home run. 

They nailed this format ... literally perfect. Well done. 

The only nitpick you can have is asking a fanbase to travel to 3 different sites if you follow them along for the playoff run. that's a lot. 

But as someone just watching ... it's awesome. Well done NCAA. PERFECT schedule.