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Snoop Dogg Says That He Joined A Group Trying To Buy The Ottawa Senators In An Attempt To Bring Hockey To American Inner City Youths

Snoop Dogg in one 30 second statement of intent has already done more to grow the game than Gary Bettman did in the last 30 years. I love this guy. He sneaky has always been an advocate for the game and now he's got a chance to be involved in a real way. I think that is genuinely a good thing. I hope that Snoop can find a way to make the game popular and accessible to more people and more diverse communities. I think it's the best sport in the world and getting more people to care about it is a great thing. We now have a celebrity ownership group arms race. Snoop on one side and Ryan Reynolds on the old. I hope they can join forces because giving the league shine from two of the most likable people in Hollywood can only help the NHL. 

If this sale to Snoop's group does go through I am going to need 24/7 cameras on the NHL Board of Governors meetings from now on. The image of Snoop going challenging Gary Bettman in front of a room full of stuffy middle aged men is hilarious in my mind. New rules or broadcast proposals coming out of a room that has been hot boxed. I want Snoop's brain in the game. That's all I know. 

PS: Unrelated, I love this video