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HAHAHAHAHA: The Grizzlies Have Told Dillon Brooks He Will Not Be Coming Back To The Team "UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES"


Hahahahhahaha. So fucking awesome. It's very rare I'd wish for someone's downfall. I'm more of a storyline guy. I like watching stories develop and then work out exactly how I predicted. Like when you guess the ending of a movie and nail it. I did that with Dillon Brooks.



And I find it absolutely hysterical it took NO TIME AT ALL for the Grizz to tell him to pack his shit and get the fuck out of town. 

After the Grizzlies went down 3-1 and Brooks declined to talk to reporters again, I wrote

They have 2 options:

1) Win this series and shut everyone up. That's option 1. They come back from down 3-1 and we all eat our hats and call them our daddies. 


2) Completely disavow Dillon Brooks. Trade him, cut him, whatever you have to do. Get his stank off the team. The Grizzlies need to completely remove any trace of Dillon Brooks from the franchise. Unless they win this series, he cannot play another game in that jersey. This is 100% his fault and I would be stunned if the city of Memphis would ever forgive him.


And then they lost by 40….40!!!! points in the elimination game. It is probably the most embarrassing series loss I can think of in a long time. The higher seed getting humiliated both on and off the court while a joker named Dillon Brooks ran his mouth the entire time about one of the top 3 players of all time.

Brooks single-handily ruined all credibility the team was trying to build. He made the Grizzlies and the city of Memphis the laughing stock of the league. No fanbase deserves that. Sure, people talk shit all the time. It's part of the game. But you can either 1) back it up, or 2) not be a bitch when you fail. Dillon Brooks did neither of those things, so poof, he's gone.

I hope a West Coast team picks him up so we can get part 2 of this movie next season. Brooks vs LeBron has been wildly entertaining, even if it's been so completely one-sided. I need more of it. Need Dillon Brooks to keep on beaking and everyone he chirps at to keep dominating his life.