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The San Diego Padres' Piñata Party In Their Clubhouse After Wins Is My Favorite Thing In Baseball Right Now

I want this to be known, I love everything about the Padres' piñata parties. It's absolutely incredible and it's basically must see TV. Every time they win they decide to have a little fiesta in the clubhouse, which I believe started with the Mexico City series over the weekend.

But every video I've seen from the Padres clubhouse has looked like the most fun ever. It's simple, you notch a win, you smash a piñata and start dancing. They've got everyone involved, Tatis Jr., Machado, Matt Carpenter, the whole gang is in there smashing piñatas, it's hilarious. 

It's a long season, sometimes things get stale and you need to spice it up. That is exactly what they did with their parties in the clubhouse. It gets the guys loose, it gets them excited, it gets them going. What better way to celebrate a few wins by smashing some piñatas? Who knows how long this will last, but it has the guys playing well right now. 

After their traditional slow start they're 7-3 in their last 10, won 3 straight, 16-14 overall, just got Fernando Tatis Jr. back, their division is kind of sleepwalking so this may be what they need to get them going and make a run. If I know anything, a way to motivate grown men who play a game for a living is to smash papier-mâché and get the candy from inside. It would def motivate you to get player of the game, you want to be the one to smash that thing to a pulp. It probably feels so good to destroy one of those. 

Shout out to Nick Martinez for starting this by buying the Buzz Lightyear toy…it isn't really a piñata but they smashed that thing to pieces. They have a few more piñatas stashed in Petco Park but they are working on getting a few more. If you're a piñata company how are you not jumping at this opportunity? A+ stuff here from the Padres. This will be a thing we look back at and say "this started their run to October", no doubt.