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No-Brainer: 30-for-30 Is Dropping A 4-Part Series On Bill Walton Next Month, Naturally Using The Grateful Dead As The Soundtrack Of His Life

[Source] - …The film is a kaleidoscopic trip through Walton’s life and memory, accompanied by the soundtrack of his life: the music of the Grateful Dead.

In James’s hands, the story winds back and forth through time and space, from the heights of the NBA in Portland and Boston to the wilds of Oregon, from the chaos of civic unrest and antiwar protest at UCLA to the simple pursuit of being able to live a pain-free existence.

I'll keep saying it. Bill Walton is the most interesting man in the world. Everything he does draws in attention. He's polarizing as an analyst because people can't stand him while the other half find him entertaining as shit. I fall into that category. No, I don't want him to call a big game for my team, but those late night Pac-12 games? Give me that every single night. Analysts should be able to either 1) teach me something or 2) entertain me. He falls firmly into that second category. 

Now all that said, because most of us were too young to watch him play, you forget how fucking good he was. One of the, 5 greatest college basketball players of all-time, maybe even higher than that? An NBA MVP. An NBA Champion. You name it, he accomplished it. He also battled injuries, thought about even taking his own life and lives like no one else: 

Honestly there should be one episode where it's just Dave Pasch telling Bill Walton stories. There might not be anyone in the world around Walton more than Pasch besides his wife. Give me the travel stories. Give me the announcing stories. Let me in on how much Pasch loves and is annoyed by Walton all at once. I don't know what Pasch did to deserve it but he's stuck with Walton on every call. He plays the role well, but at some point you think Pasch just craves calling NBA games with normal analysts? 

I do kind of wish they spread it out more. They are doing two episodes on June 6 and another 2 on June 13. It's the summer. We need more stuff on TV. Spread it out over 4 weeks just so there's an hour filled each night. I also gotta give credit, 30-for-30 is one of the best things on TV. I'm all in on them. They have a high hit rate too. My personal top 5:

5. Playing for the Mob

4. The Two Escobars

3. Requiem for the Big East

2. Once Brothers 

1. The U

All I know is I will be watching this one. Only makes sense to have The Grateful Dead as the soundtrack.