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"The Chicago Bears Are The Most Improved Team After The Draft"--ESPN Analyst Marcus Spears

Look, nobody throws a parade for winning the offseason. Paraphrasing Denny Green...I don't want to crown their ass. I also don't watch enough ESPN at this point to know if I should trust the opinion of Marcus Spears (I generally like him in limited viewings, but I am sure there are people on the internet who will say he's a moron). Having said all of that...it is MUCH better to in this conversation than the conversations Chicago sports teams are typically in. The Bears have undoubtedly improved their team. We are about three months away from the preseason and I can NOT wait to see this group come together. The Bears had weaknesses at offensive tackle, defensive line, linebacker, wide receiver, and corner heading into the offseason and the Bears addressed them all. They're hardly a perfect roster, but it's impossible not to be excited about the season to come. 

DJ Moore is a true #1 WR and he will allow everyone to be slotted properly. Mooney won't be doubled, Claypool can exclusively be a deep threat if that's all he can do, Kmet will have more space in the middle, and this kid they got from Cincy looks like he can stretch a defense too. That is a ton of weapons for a young QB who can always pull it down and run for the first down if things break down. 

Fields should have more time. They signed a starting caliber guard. You'd expect Braxton Jones to improve after making the jump as a rookie from Southern Utah to starting NFL LT who played every snap. Then they added a mountain on the other side

I was sad about losing Monty because of how he ran, but also the type of dude he was. That is mitigated a bit by drafting a guy who sounds like he should run for President some day the way his coaches and teammates talk about him

The Bears had one of the worst, no-name linebacking groups in the league after they traded Roquan. You could argue that no position group on the team was improved as much. 

Everything feels like it's coming together. The right QB, the right GM, the right coach, they even upgraded the Team President position. 

Can't get ahead of ourselves, but for the first time in a long time it feels justified to be excited about the Chicago Bears