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An Elementary School Principal Opened A Dumpster To Find A Bear Hiding Inside And I Have To Think That Someone Set Him Up

UPI- -- A school principal in West Virginia received a scare Monday morning when he unlocked a dumpster outside of the building and came face to face with a bear.

A video posted to Facebook by the Nicholas County Board of Education shows Zela Elementary School Principal James Marsh removing the latch from a dumpster outside the school Monday morning.

HOLY SHIT! Are you shitting me? A god damn bear in a dumpster? So many questions: How the fuck did it get in there? How long was it in there? What was it doing? Are there more bears near by  Absolute chaos. But my biggest questions here lie with the principal having to be the one to clear him out. That's the fishiest thing to me. 

Why did it get to the point that the principal was the one who was opening up the dumpster? In the line of power at a school, how on Earth did this get passed up to the principal? No disrespect to the janitors or custodial staff, but aren't they supposed to check this out? Isn't this their job? Even if they got spooked by the sounds etc, wouldn't they go to school safety officers, or maybe a teacher, or an assistant principal? This is like escalating the water cooler needing a refill to the CEO of the company. They got more important shit to do. Which makes me think this is a setup. 

Someone had to have it in for the principal here. They had to know some crazy shit was in that dumpster and refused to deal with it until Principal Slapdick came and tried to save the day, at which point he got the shit scared out of him. Maybe he should have treated the staff better, or not made snide comments to the janitorial staff .. it clearly came back to bite him in the ass. 

The other possibility ... which I hope is true is it's a senior prank. I have no idea how the hell they would pull this off, or if a senior prank is worth risking your life, but if the class of 2023 pulled this one off they are legends. I'm just going to hope that the kids these days still have some balls, and this was a senior prank. Everyone needs to believe in something, I'll believe in this.