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Nikola Jokic Does Not Give One Single Shit About Today's MVP Announcement

Nikola Jokic is without a doubt the most unique super star in all of sports. Mostly because I 100% agree with him when he says something like this. That's just how the dude is wired. He doesn't give a shit about the MVP announcement. Sure, some of it might be because he's already won a couple but it's also just how Jokic works. He's trying to avoid the dreaded 'yeah he's a star but can't win' talk by beating the Suns.

How does he respond to that? Oh a little ho hum 39/16/5 stat line. 

Every thing he does somehow looks smooth and not smooth at the same time: 

The man was drafted during a Taco Bell commercial! 

Yeah, Embiid is the likely winner tonight. But Jokic doesn't give a shit. It's refreshing to hear Jokic just be himself. The man will say what he feels and 99% of the time it's the honest truth. You don't have to do the read between the lines bullshit with him like you do some other stars. 

This also isn't him downplaying the award. He obviously enjoys being the best in the league, he just doesn't give a shit if he wins it or finishes top-3. That's fine. That's a normal way to feel, just like it's normal for Embiid to want to win MVP. But Jokic goes about it such a different way. Like I said there's something beautiful about Jokic's game. Some of it is the fact he looks like a dude you see in a men's league. Some of it is the passing and basketball IQ. Some of it is the weird moves he has to finish and create space. It all works.