This Venezia Soccer Player Grabbing A Beer From The Concession Stand After Scoring 4 Goals Is Such An Elite Celebration


I love this guy. Joel Pohjanpalo has the best celebration in the game. He's out here playing for Venzia, which you may know the name because everyone rocks their jerseys these days, in Serie B. Yeah we could talk about him scoring 4 goals yesterday in a 5-0 win. Or how he's helping keep Venzia safe in Serie B and push for a playoff spot.

Oh no.

This is about the celebration. Look at that. Just wanders over to the concession stand and grabs a beer while holding the match ball. Out here treating professional soccer in Italy like it's rink basketball or something like that. Speaking of which, there was nothing better than the concession stands at some basketball games. The way it was set up back in York was running 3 games in a row from the rink to junior to senior level. We didn't have jr. high basketball so 7th/8th grade were seniors all the way down. So if you had younger siblings, you had to sit there a little bit. Shout out St. Rose, the elite concession stand in the game on the stage. If you know, you know. 

Anyways, back to professional soccer. This isn't the first time he's done this!  

Dude just loves beer. I don't blame him. A nice cold beer is refreshing as hell. Not my go-to after running around a soccer field. Chug some water or something quick and then go get your beer, but I respect the move. The subbing off is even better. Can't even wait the few minutes for the match to end. Go get that celebration beer.