"It's One Game, Bro" -- Nobody Is More Locked In Right Now Than James Harden

The Sixers pulled off a huge win in game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semis last night. Game 1 on the road without Joel Embiid in the lineup? They stole that game for sure. So you could understand the excitement once the final buzzer rang and the Sixers came away from the night with a 1-0 series lead. Especially considering the fact that James Harden splashed his 45th point of the night right in Al Horford's eye with 10 seconds to go for the win. 

Think James Harden gives a shit? Think James Harden cares about celebrating on the floor like the Sixers just achieved the impossible?

Think again, cowboy. It's just one game. The Sixers still need to win 3 more of them to advance past the 2nd round for the first time in forever. They still need to win 11 more of those things if they want to win the final game of the season. Last night was a great win, no doubt. James Harden don't give a shit. It's just chapter 5 out of 16 in the book, he's not going to be caught celebrating like he finished the whole thing yet. 

And to think anybody would have been nervous about James Harden spending a little time in Vegas last night. The man just needed to get that trip out of his system so he could be fully locked in for the rest of the playoffs. Hit up Vegas for a night, get a month's worth supply of glitter in the beard, and now James Harden has flipped the switch to kill mode. Speaking of flipping the switch...

God I love PJ Tucker so much. There's something different about this year's Sixers team, and it has everything to do with PJ Tucker. For the first time since the days of AI, this team is actually self-motivated. You have a guy like PJ Tucker in the mix who isn't afraid to hurt some feelings in order to get the best out of his guys. Brett Brown could never do that. Doc Rivers can't really do that. Jimmy Butler was able to do that but Ben Simmons was so soft that he forced the Sixers to get rid of him. Even Joel. When things aren't going his way, he still gets really pouty. So to have a guy like PJ Tucker out there making sure that nobody feels sorry for themselves and just go out there and get the job done? This is a brand new version of the Sixers. Also, obliterating Jayson Tatum's nutsack was just a nice little bonus. 


I've said it before and I'll say it again--Jayson Tatum ran his dick into PJ Tucker's fist. Not the other way around.