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Gisele Stepped Onto The Met Gala Red Carpet For The First Time Since 2008 As A Single, Independent Woman Who Never Needed Tom Brady

This has got to hurt. I KNOW Tom Brady loved going to the Met Gala. He loved getting dressed up in his little suits and coiffing his little hair and playing the part of the millionaire he actually is. And now here's Gisele, arms open wide as if she could take flight over the whole place, lighter than air without him. 

What did Tom do this weekend? 

Tom Brady is appreciating the special moments with his kids.

Spending the weekend with daughter Vivian, 10, and son Benjamin, 13, the retired NFL star, 45, shared photos of their time together on his Instagram Story Sunday.

In one photo, Vivian throws her head back laughing with her cat in her lap, while the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers player wrote, "Now this smile makes my day."

Brady also shared a photo of Ben standing in front of a full-sized keyboard, writing, "And my favorite musician in the world."

Fuuuuuuuuuck. I know he loves kids (we all know that.) But he's such a divorced dad now. It's his weekend with the kids while Mom's off BRINGING THE FUCKING HOUSE DOWN at the Met Gala? That could've been you too, Tom! You could've been slaying too! Leave the kids with a babysitter, even put on some leather gloves for the theme of the night! Man. He would've loved it. What a shame, what a shame. 


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