PornHub Has Banned The Entire State Of Utah From Its Site


Vice - In response to a new law that requires porn sites to verify users’ ages, Pornhub has completely disabled its websites for people located in Utah.

As of today, anyone accessing Pornhub from a Utah-based IP address doesn’t see the Pornhub homepage, but instead is met with a video of Cherie DeVille, adult performer and member of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, explaining that they won’t be able to visit the site. 


Utah, gimme 2…minutes to get my ID card and verify I am legally old enough to see titties! 

Look, we can discuss both sides of this all day. One side says porn is way too accessible for any ol' kid to access online. This ain't your father's internet anymore, you can type "Harry Potter" into Twitter search and the 3rd result will be transvestite Hermoine getting double teamed by Hagrid and the owl. I mean seriously, it is crazy easy to see porn online. Back in my day we had to squint for a rogue nipple on the Spice channel on a standard definition 13 inch TV/VCR combo. We'd tape the Spice channel overnight and go through the footage the next day like it was a god damn crime scene, putting it in slow motion trying to spot an areola. Times were tough, man. 

But now? Porn runs rampant like gazelles in the Serengeti. So when it comes to a super Mormon state like Utah were I'm fairly sure you get 3-5 years for drinking a beer on a Sunday, it doesn't shock me they are tightening up their porn laws. They don't want little blonde hair, blue eyed Mickey, brother of Molly, Michael, Meghan, Madeline, Madison, and Maddox stumbling upon Riley Reid videos before he's put on his first pair of magic underwear. 

On the other hand, the PornHub folks say age restrictions on sites like theirs only sends kids to the unregulated sites where they SEE SOME SHIT 


Experts say that age verification doesn’t work to protect children online, and only works to drive material that is harmful to minors to less safe spaces on the internet, while exposing adults to more risk of identity theft, private data hacks, and extortion.


I gotta say, I'm usually on the side of the porn folks, but I have a feeling 13 year olds who just want to see some tits aren't going to start going to some dark web message boards to get their fix. They'll probably just Google image search Lola Bunny or "big hooters" or look at a picture of a sweaty Ben Mintz. 

My take? It probably is too easy for minors to access hardcore porn online. They get phones at like 10 years old now and kids are 100x smarter than adults when it comes to technology. So I don't have the answer, I just know at 34 years old sometimes I'll be scrolling and the nastiest fucking video I've ever seen will be right there in my eyeballs when I was just trying to find out the score of the Nats game. But on the other hand, don't you dare take porn away from the rest of us. I'll take some nasty video here and there in exchange for having the world's supply of cheek clapping at my fingertips. 

So yeah, I see both sides. I guess the only solution is to go over to the Hub and do some research and I'll be back with my results…soon.