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The Boston Heartbreak Continues After The Celtics Drop Game 1 In Horrific Fashion

Jesse D. Garrabrant. Getty Images.

I'm dead. Just an absolutely inexcusable loss. No Joel Embiid, all the opportunity in the world, and the Celtics fucked around and found out. Home court advantage? Gone. A series lead? Gone. The one thing you could not allow to happen, they allowed to happen. James Harden with the game of his life, he stepped up time and time again and put the team on his back. Credit to him. But holy fuck. This team will never fucking learn will they? How many more opportunities to do they need until they wake the fuck up?


Have some fucking pride. The worst part? They did stupid shit like this

That play right there was the EXACT reason the Celtics traded for Malcolm Brogodn and he just….he just passed it to the other team in the biggest moment of the game.

Then, after Tatum's FTs gave the Celtics the lead in the final seconds, all they needed was one stop. Did they get it? Fuck no they didn't

It was Trae Young all over again. The literal exact same shit. FTs to get the lead, you need one fucking stop and you give up a dagger 3PM that seals the game. Unfuckingbelievable.

Is the Garden cursed? Is that what's going on here? Because something needs to be done about what has gone on over the last 48 hours. 

Again, the Sixers did not have their best player. There is no fucking excuse. They choked away the game and who knows about the series. Game 2 is now MUST WIN and it wouldn't shock me if Embiid is back. You had one fucking job tonight and you failed.

As we know, this team loves to make it hard on themselves. Well, congratulations. You just did that and then some.

Time to drink