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Unleashing A Nasty Fart On Your Opponent To Create Space Isn't A Lack Of Respect, It's Just A Genius Move

This is going viral now after this match a couple weeks ago. Clear as day, Erling Haaland farted. You can tell by the nose grab and apology by rubbing his stomach. That's a fart. That's not just a fart, that's one that's lingering around and clearing out space. It's not a lack of respect or anything like that. Oh no. It's smart. 

Erling Haaland is a fucking monster. I still swear it's illegal for City to have him and KDB but all Haaland does is score goals. Now I gotta ask if there needs to be an asterisk like people want to put on Barry Bonds home run record. Farting to create space is far more egregious than allegedly taking steroids. You ever get stuck around a nasty fart? That will be stuck in your nose and smell for days to come. 

The tummy rub cracks me up though. Haaland probably a little thankful to be wearing dark shorts after this moment. Can't be too trustworthy if you have a man grabbing his nose like that. Just the perfect way to apologize though. Rub that tummy and let him know more is on the way out.