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Got $26,000 Laying Around? If So, This 2,800 Year Old Mummy Head Could Be Yours!!!


A rare 2,800-year-old mummified Egyptian head brought to the UK by a British soldier during the First World War has gone on sale.

The artefact, which was stuffed away in a cupboard for decades because 'it is not everyone's cup of tea', has an eye-watering price tag of £20,000.

It has been carbon dated to between 800BC and 750BC.

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Back when I was a YOUNG kid, I'm guessing around 6-7 years old, one of my siblings got a Furby for Christmas. You remember those things? 

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They were creepy as fuck.

Look at those eyeballs!!! No thank you. That thing looks evil, and I don't want my stuffed animals being evil. My younger sister was fucking horrified of that thing, and so much so that she didn't even want to be in the same room as it because she thought it was staring through her soul.

Because I was the older brother, it was my obligation to torture her with it. My parents threw it out just to shut her up, so I snuck into the garbage in the garage, took it out, hid it in my room, and then I'd sneak into her room in the middle of the night, and pop it on her dresser or whatever piece of furniture would give the Furby the best vantage point to stare at her while she slept.

Then the waiting game started. I'd sit there for what seemed like hours waiting for her to wake up, screaming in terror. I got away with this 2-3x before my parents figured out it was me pulling the prank and not the Furby transforming into the dummy from Goosebumps. I actually didn't get in trouble for the prank either; even my parents thought it was a hilarious. 

Boys will be boys amirite?

I can handle creepy eyeballs from a stuffed animal. Those are all fun and games. What I couldn't handle is some 3,000 year old skull sitting on my mantle and staring at me while I lay on the couch dipping and watching Family Guy re-runs. That's just bad juju. Who knows what kinda ancient curses that thing could conjure up? Guar-an-fucking-tee you that it's a lot more than that little rodent with the googly eyes. And for the paltry price of $26,000? 

Fuck that

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