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A Scary AI Video of Will Smith Eating Spaghetti Looks Exactly Like The Real Thing

Technology is fucking insane man. If you saw that video, you'd automatically think it was real and that's scary. People don't realize the dangers of deep fake like this. One minute you think Will Smith loves pizza and spaghetti and the next moment you arent so sure. 

Deepfakes are becoming more and more of a problem because people are using videos created using artificial intelligence that makes it seem like someone said or did something they never actually did. Like eating ass of something. Hey, it happens. I've seen it. These videos can be incredibly convincing and can be used for malicious purposes, such as spreading false information or discrediting someone (for saying that they don't eat ass). The old football adage just might not be true. The tape does lie. 

Overall, AI has the potential to bring about many benefits but is important to be aware of the potential dangers and work to mitigate them because otherwise people are just on the internet running amuck and causing all kinds of neer do wells to act up and create things that can ruin a person's life. For example, look at what happened with Mintzy this morning. Clearly AI but people wont wanna hear that because they already "saw" it with their own eyes or "heard" it with their own ears. 

The Joe Biden one is a VAST improvement tho. I could go for that.