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This Video Of Taylor Swift Fans Flooding Into A Subway Car Like Night Of The Living Dead Is The Most Terrifying Thing You Will See This Week

I'm not here to make fun of Swifties. Partly because I think everyone has the right to be obsessed with whatever they want and partly because I don't feel like having my mentions be a nuclear war zone for the next 3 days. But even though I respect their unhinged lunacy for a pop artist die hard fandom, I still won't be able to sleep tonight after watching that video.

It's like night of the living dead but the zombies are all wearing dresses from Shein and look like they took a pit stop at a Sephora. If you haven't heard of Sephora then you are either single or you are one of the lucky men that doesn't get dragged around a makeup store like a toddler by their lady. As a man, it is easily the worst shopping experience you can have. Just following her around, passing other men also following their woman, trying not to make eye contact because both of you feel so emasculated and empty inside. 

Anyway, my favorite part of this video is the look of shock and horror on the lady's face as she sees the mob of 20-year old white women in sparkly skirts and denim jackets waiting to invade the train like a scene out of Walking Dead.


Even though she pleads for the hoard of women with smeared mascara from crying for an entire show to give her a moment to escape, it is already too late. Before you can bat an eye there is a stampede of cowboy boots and low top converses trampling anyone and everyone in their way. Even their fellow Swifties.

"This is the worst experience of my life."

Yeah, well how do you think the poor guy holding the phone feels? All he can muster up is a "wild" and then the video ends. 

RIP to that dude because I am assuming he drowned on the train car. The amount of Ariana Grande perfume and Kylie Jenner lip kits that engulf the train car is obviously sucking up all the oxygen. There is no way that guy continued to breath. I get claustrophobic just watching the damn thing.

All I know for sure is there are a shit ton of ex-boyfriends who are about to feel the wrath of 16 paragraph text messages as soon as these young ladies have enough space to pull their phones out of their purse again.