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Understandable: The Jags Got Sent To Voicemail Two Different Times When They Called Their 6th Round Pick To Draft Him

This is understandable for a variety of reasons. 1) Cell phone service is a fickle bitch. Sometimes you're in the same spot, no problems and bam. You lose service out of nowhere. Maybe the cell phone was stuck or an app wasn't working and he was restarting his phone. 2) The other tweet says he wasn't mocked to be drafted. Probably wasn't even paying attention to his phone. I refuse to believe his cell phone died because nobody lets their phone die. It's impossible to do. 

That said, I can't imagine the panic from both sides as this was going on. Imagine being Erick Hallett, your phone pops up with a couple voicemails. You don't know the number, but you know the day. Heart probably stopped a beat there as you listened to the Jags calling you like hey man, we want to draft you, but you know, you might want to pick up. On the flip side, can't feel great being the Jags. Like hey, we're not that bad anymore! We have a decent team! Pick up! 

I need to know what happened in the old days. Like when you missed your name on the bottom line or your TV cable cut out, how long did it take for you to know you were drafted? Not everyone had fax machines back in the day. Maybe your home phone line was taken up because someone wanted to be on AOL. Understandable, relatable. Your MySpace top 8 wasn't going to update itself. 

Lesson as always is to just be Joe Dumars

Allen Einstein. Getty Images.