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Draymond Green Said He Lost All Respect For Domantas Sabonis Because He Didn't Shake Hands After Losing Game 7

I kind of want to make fun of Draymond for this take but I kind of agree with him. Handshake lines have become non existent anymore beside in the NHL playoffs. I think shaking hands after every game is the stupidest thing in the world but after a hard fought series I think you should dap up everyone after. Maybe Sabonis forgot after the game but you look like a pussy walking off the court after losing a series, especially at home. 

I completely understand running off the court to avoid the crazy people if it is a hostile environment or fans are storming the court. But that wasn't the case the other night. Sabonis also scored 22 and had a great game, so grow up dap everyone up and get off the court. I don't even love sportsmanship but there has to be a little bit of respect between these players. These young basketball teams in the NBA like the Kings and the Grizzlies think they deserve so much more than they do and these older teams like the Warriors and the Lakers shut them the fuck up. It was amazing to see because the Kings came in thinking they are hot shit after coming in 3rd place during the regular season but still couldn't get passed the 1st round.