Welcome To Boston Hate Week

This has to be the year. It just has to be. 

You can feel it in the cool spring air. There's just something different going on there. It starts with the Bruins blowing a 3-1 series lead to the Florida Panthers and then losing game 7 in overtime. It starts with the Toronto Maple Leafs advancing to the 2nd round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the first time since 2004. There's something going on out there to make the world start to work its way back to balance again. The city of Boston had tipped the scales for so long, but the pendulum is finally starting to swing back.

So what an opportunity we've found ourselves here with in the city of Philadelphia. It all gets going tonight with game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals between the Sixers and Celtics. Dating back to 1985 conference finals, the last 5 times the Sixers and Celtics met up in the playoffs, the Sixers season came to an end.  Two of those have been in the past 5 years, and the only reason the Sixers didn't lose to the Celtics in the playoffs last year is because they didn't make it far enough to actually play them. 

But that shit don't matter anymore. The time's they are a changin'. And not only does our hatred for the Celtics get to fuel us through these times, but later on in the week the Red Sox come to town for a 3-game series against the Phillies. So there's a chance we get to see Sixers vs Celtics game 6 on Thursday, Phillies vs Red Sox on Friday, Phillies vs Red Sox on Saturday, and then Phillies vs Red Sox at 1:30 on Sunday afternoon and Sixers vs Celtics game 7 on Sunday night. 

Oh and on top of it all...

Bryce Harper could return to the lineup this week, and Embiid is at least attending shoot around this morning despite being "doubtful" for game 1. 

Two MVP's. Both of them putting their body on the line for the city. Both of them putting their body on the line to beat Boston. I need Bryce Harper ringing the bell for game 6, and then I need Joel Embiid throwing out the first pitch on Friday night after he wills the Sixers to the Eastern Conference Finals. 

P.S. -- MLS schedulers are dumbasses. Philadelphia Union vs New England Revolution not until May 20th. They need to move that shit up to this weekend immediately.