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It's Getting Sad And Pathetic Listening To Dillon Brooks Continue To Talk Shit After Getting Destroyed

You know what? Fuck it. I'm starting to come around on Dillon Brooks. I wish I had this sort of attitude in life. I wish I had this sort of confidence. The confidence to just make shit up. Hey, people are scared to bring broads around me because as a 6'4", full set of hair, handsome man I steal them. See, you can just say anything if you believe it. That's what I assume Dillon Brooks is doing here. 

Then again, this is all I want to tweet whenever Dillon Brooks is mentioned: 

Dillon Brooks was actually good at Oregon. I'll give him that because I'm honest. But you can't talk about guys being rattled when you're the clown who ran from the media and got destroyed after blowing smoke up everyone's ass. You can't run your mouth, get punched and then hide. That's who Dillion Brooks is. You for sure can't come back and talk about everything this way like you did something notable. You made LeBron seem okay for a little bit. That's about it. 

I'm all for talking shit. But if your shit talking goes bad, you own it. You don't hide everywhere. You don't refuse to talk to media. You don't run your mouth and sit in the bathroom stall like a little bitch. You show up, take the medicine and try to look like a decent player.

But, hey, enjoy free agency! That'll be fun.